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Corolla E12 By Noedel


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Thanks for the offer.

But Greece is just too far, and I'm not prepared to trade with my rear bumper :P

I know the item number, and here it's +700 euro for the same object.

Thanks anyway :)


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As regards the 1st offer you don't necessarily need to exchange with your bumper. If you did, you would get a reduction from the 500 euros.

In any case, no worries. Hope you find what you are looking! :D

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I've just ordered the SF1 rear bumper that I've shown on the previous page :)

Didn't find any info about it on the internet, but we'll see how it goes.


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Just went to the shop to get the new bumper :)


Next to an original one


I think it's looking good, it will come about 2cm lower than the original rear bumper with rear bumper spoilers :)


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Worked on the bumper today.

The part under the taillights was too high, when I mounted the bumper, it hit the bottom of the taillights.

After sanding, fitting, sanding, fitting etc, it was fitting well.

Now I only need to edit the part which goes to the arch, when that's done the right side is ready for perfect fit :)




Grtz :)

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  • 3 weeks later...

It's in progress ;)

After sanding and fitting a few hours, it's fitting kinda good now.

Just some little details, and it's good.

On the 8th of march I've got an appointment in the exhaust company, to re-weld the japstyle exhaust, so it will fit nicely in the bumper's diffusor :)


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<Off Topic>

Richard K - now there's a blast from the past. How are you doing mate? Glad to see you back here.

My supercharged E11 Corolla is still going strong, do you still have two Corollas? Keep in touch.

John (& Babs)


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<off topic>

Hi John,

I'm ok thank you, just looking on here admiring this e12. Still got both, g6 is gathering dust in the garage cant afford to run it but couldn't bare to sell it. (selfish lol). Its my midlife crisis project.

Sorry Noedel and other members for hijacking Noedel's project thread.

<on topic>

Love your car and love the subtle little details of the interior.

Richard k

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Hey guys,

I'm sorry, haven't been on the forum lately.

The poly rear bumper has been cancelled, it's for sale actually.

After fitting and measuring it seemed that I couldn't get onto our garage entry without damaging the bumper, it was just too low for me, with this ride height.

Switched the wheels and front bumper again first, because of the snow there was, I didn't want to ruine the 18" wheels because of the salty roads :)


Got a Japanese parking sticker


And then I've been to my first meeting this year, in summer mode ofcourse.

18", lowered again, front bumper, exhaust, tow hook, completely red taillights, etc :)






Last week I've removed the yellow tint from the headlights, didn't match the wheels good I think.

So now I've got normal headlights again :P


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  • 2 weeks later...

Some pictures of yesterday :)


And a video of my new oldskool horn :P

The Original horn is still working.


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  • 2 months later...
  • 5 months later...

Been a while that I've been here lol.

Some things happened lately, not so funny, really blum.gif

My girlfriend came home some weeks ago, with an exhaust which was almost laying on the ground.

It came off right behind the cat, luckily it was laying on a piece of the frame, else it would have been alot worse, at 70km/h...

One week later she comes home and I see her looking at the right front wheel.

Yea indeed, she curbed half of the wheel. Not the steelies, but the repainted winter set.


And to make it complete, I had to change my license plate, because me and my girlfriend bought an own house, and so we had to change adress.

Since 2 years there are new license plates and laws about them in Belgium, and it was time to receive a new one. These new plates are not allowed as a sticker in the front, the old one was no problem. So I ordered some kind of motorbike plate (legal size), to put on the cleaned t-sport front bumper in summer smile.png

Our new house (not my Corolla in front, it's from my parents :P )


The awful new license plates (and one replica of the old plate, as memory blum.gif )


And today, because of the nice weather, I've been dropping the KW V2 coils again.

Afterwards I tried to get on our new driveway for the first time, and it's kinda close.

But with a little scraping I can drive on and off, front and backwards smile.png

Soon I'll try to fit a small brace to mount the small numberplate onto the cleaned t-sport front bumper.



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  • 5 months later...

Let's downdate and update this thread after more than 6 months! :)

There have been some big changes.

Some idiot drove into the front of the Corolla, which made the smoothed bumper crack.

It was all OK with insurance etc, but it made me think about something new. And that's how it all started changing.

A pic of the last meeting with the corolla:


A week after this picture, the Corolla went back to original mode, for sharing reasons (home-work traffic with girlfriend etc) :


Meanwhile I've been looking around for something funny, completely for myself.

I bought the following Honda civic ED7 ('91) :


Was really impressed with the power it had, 130hp. A lot of fun when you're used to a 1.4 diesel! :)

But... The civic was in really bad shape when I looked closer at it.

Some weeks later I bought a 2nd civic EC9 from '91, for spare parts:


But as you can already see on these pictures, the white 'spare parts civic" EC9 was in much better shape!

It didn't run for the last 2 years so I've done some service on it myself.

After that, I made like 5 appointments with the local garage, to get this white civic on the road (MOT etc).

Finally after 10 weeks of annoying calls, waiting,... it's on the road!

Meanwhile I've changed some little things.

Oldskool steering wheel:


Orange indicators + ambercorners:


Red panel on the boot lid:


Then I ordered some wheels and tires.

Front, 15x7,5 ET26 with 165/50R15 tires:


Rear 15x8,5 ET13 with 185/45R15 tires:


Which stretch like this:


And all that, in combination with a custom VR6 front bumper lip and rear camber kit makes this:




Next thing to do is roll the rear arches to get some more space with the rear tires.

And coming winter I will weld my spoon style replica exhaust onto it:


That's it for now!


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Last week I've done some more little things on the civic.

Rolled the rear arches myself, put on some tow hooks (still had them from the corolla), mounted and connected the funny horn, new radio, put cables for the small woofer in the back, etc laugh.png

Front tow hook
Rear tow hook
Button of the funny horn
The woofer (don't mind the strap around it tongue.png )
Removed the rear headrests
Today I've put some Roof Rack bars on the roof smile.png
Only mayor things left to do are: weld some custom piping onto the muffler, mount the manifold, and work on the front bumper to get it black again in stead of grey.
And oh yea, the red civic is already sold.
Grtz laugh.png
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