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Coil Failure?


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Hi people,

I put this on here as it will get more scope and isn't really specific to one type of car.

My MR2 has been pretty much stood since the big freeze in November. Recently charged the Battery up with no issues but a few days later the car takes longer to start (still turning at a good speed tho). Eventually it won't start at all resulting in a flat Battery. When it does try to start it ticks over a few turns and dies. Strong smell uf fuel so no starvation there.

Obiously I want to sort this out without spending money on all parts of the ignition.

Could this be a sign that the ignition coil is on the way out and only functions on a fully charged Battery? The car runs fine when its has actually started.

Cheers anyone who has a clue!


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On an MR2 my first point of call would be the distributer cap, check for moisture etc.... Spark plugs are so cheap you might as well change them anyway... how old are the leads?

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