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Yarris Dab Radio?

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Hello guys,

Just a few questions, If i get a DAB radio for my Yarris, would i need an additional aerial?

Also can i get the steering controll to work on an external head unit?

Help will be much appreciated.



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Hey Sam,

I'm not sure whether you're thinking of getting the integrated Toyota DAB module. I've had one fitted and although it's quite pricey I've had my money out of it. It does need an additional aerial but this is included in the price and is just a little 3 inch bit of thin foil and clear plastic that gets attached to the inside of the windscreen, the garage fit it so that all cables are hidden in the pillars, and you wouldn't really notice it was there.

I'm pretty sure that if you went for a 3rd party unit you'd still need something similar which may or may not come with the unit depending on which one you buy so will be worth double-checking.

So, short answer, yes you need another aerial but it won't necessarily go on the ouside of the car.

I don't know about the steering controls and 3rd party units I'm afraid, maybe someone else can help.



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Just checked my old emails and ... hang onto your hats ... it was 400 notes fitted!!!!

OK, so I had a new car and must have been having OCD about not fitting a 3rd party unit :)

That was in 2009 so prices may have gone down (although I doubt it). That said, I've no regrets about it, use it on every journey, have only found a few places where you can't get reception and they're really out in the sticks, kept the steering controls, and like I said it's fitted so you wouldn't know it was there.

If you know what you're doing you can pick up the Toyota module and aerial and have it fitted yourself but that didn't seem to work out a huge amount cheaper.

Anyway, good luck.

Take it easy,


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Nah i wont be doing my myself, i have a pro doing it for me, but i'm just doing abit of research before i jump the guns.

I was thinking of getting the Kenwood KDC-DAB41U But i don't know if i'll have any problems :/ or if there are any you would recommend?

Thanks so far Mick,


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Dude, I've spent way too much time looking into this. I probably did less research when I got mine :) But as noone else is piping up...

That looks like a good unit, seems to do everything.

First up, the link you posted states "DAB aerial included" so that's a good start.

A bit of a google brings up the instruction manual for that model at:


Page 34/35 shows the aerial fitting instructions and it all looks pretty similar to how mine is installed.

One weird thing is that I can't find any reference to this model on kenwood's UK site ( http://www.kenwood-electronics.co.uk/products/car/cd_receivers/cd/ ) (closest sounding is the KDC-BT41U but that's got bluetooth and no DAB) ... but it can be found on the Dutch site ( http://www.kenwood.nl/products/car/receivers/cd/KDC-DAB41U/ ).

Now, if you paid attention in your Dutch lessons at school (or can guess a bit, comparing the UK and Dutch sites) ("Steering Wheel Interface" seems to be "Radiobediening via stuurwiel") it seems to suggest that the steering controls for a KDC-DAB41U in a 2004-onwards Yaris you'd need their adaptor/interface "CAW-COMUN1" and their cable/lead "CAW-CCOMTO1".

These seem to be the exact same parts that the UK site say the KDC-BT41U needs...



If your Yaris is older than 2004 maybe all bets are off.

There may be 3rd-party non-kenwood parts that'll do the same thing for less money (do Connects2 do this sort of thing?).

As they say on their site it might be worth double-checking this info by "consulting an authorised Kenwood dealer prior to ordering" or get all the info together and have a word with your pro.

On the toyotaownersclub site there's a seperate forum called "Audio/Video/Electronics", it's probably worth running your question by them as they may have a way of doing it cheaper/easier and will definitely know more than me.

Bear in mind that all of the info above may be complete bobbins. I'm no expert, just trying to help. Don't spend any money without double-checking anything.

Take it easy and good luck,


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Sorry, I forgot to say, if you ask in the Audio/Video/Electronics forum, make sure you mention your car's reg year, model, current stereo setup etc as that may make a big difference to what can be done or what is needed.



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Fantastic, You're amazing. Car is 53 plate :/

Thanks alot.

I've had to send my old (cheap pioneer head unit) one off cause it was faulty ... Oh the joys of standard head unit with no sub :( lol.

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No worries, hope it was of some use.

One of the first things I did when I got my 04 Yaris was stick an extra head unit in it. Mine came just with a cassette player so count yourself lucky :) ..oh yeah, and no steering wheel controls.

Of course when they say 2004 onwards Kenwood are probably just covering themselves. A major-ish change happened in March 2003. A 2003 onwards Yaris covers 2 models, pre and post facelift. But if they say 2004 onwards they know they're only talking about post facelift ones. Your 53 plate could have in theory been made and bought and registered in early 2004, and even if it wasn't it was definitely registered after the facelift Yaris was released so is likely to be the new model (teardop headlights, aerial on the back rather than the front etc). Might be worth finding a Kenwood stockist (their website says there's a few in the Midlands) and giving them a ring.

Just a thought,


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Phoned Kenwood, and apparantly the headunit isn't out in the UK yet :S Explains why it isn't on the UK website. They said once it's out in the UK, you will be able to see which cables fits that headunit for each cars.

So thats kinda crap tbh


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