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No Sound From Corolla Verso Tspirit Headphones-Help Please


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I have recently bought a 2004 Corolla Verso T Spirit. I can not get the sound to work in the headphones. It is possible to see the pictures on both screens. The remote also works. I have replaced the batteries in the headphones. I have purchased a set of wireless headphones from "in car stuff". These headphones will not work either. I have reset the DVD player, still no luck. Am i doing something wrong? Can anyone help please?


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Hi Hertndminds,

I followed the instructions on your link but no luck. i think i might have an idea what is causing the issue. There are 4 LED's on the door pillars. Only two are lighting on each side. Should all 4 be lighting on each side?

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To answer your question on the LED's, all of them should light up.

It may me that there is a break in the wiring between the LED's and the player. Trace this out and I'm sure there is also a plug connector within the centre console which may have come adrift. That's all I can help you with.

Just some additional information. If it becomes necessary to replace the DVD player do not go to Toyota as they charge around £700. This player is now obsolete but I have just replaced mine with a similar one for under £90. It is made by C-KO and the model is DVD500U, just do a web search for best price.

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