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About To Buy A Verso....


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I am about to buy a new car and the Verso is my current favourite (also thinking about a Mazda5, but prefer the Verso), probably two years old or less (maybe even new).

I have heard about:

1) Head gaskets going

2) Gearbox problems (with MMT gearboxes)

Are either of these problems on cars made in the last couple of years? Any other problems I should be aware of? I understand that no cars are perfect but it would be nice to know in advance.

Also, the price difference between new and a year or two old seems to be pretty small. Any particular opinions on going new/nearly new specifically on the Verso?


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Remember there was a facelift and spec change in 2009 so you may find you get less kit for your money on the newer model. Had my 08 plate SR spec since new and have to say with 25,000 miles just coming up on the clock it only just feels like it is run in.

From my experience the car does what it says on the tin, versatile family transport. I am sure you can find owners with good and bad experiences of any car but my experience of the Verso is all good :)

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Thanks for that. And yes good point about owners with good/bad experience. That can be the problem with the internet, it makes looking for *any* car a daunting experience because they all have owners who have had problems!

Is the head-gasket problem more common with a particular engine (petrol or diesel)?

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Try to buy new if you can for a 5 yr warranty.

I can whole heartedly recommend the new 2.0d engine in the Verso, had mine a year and a workmate had his a year and a half without any problems whatsoever at average of 44-47mpg.

Smooth, quiet and comfortable, a lovely car that you should be able to get for around £2k less than list with a little haggling :thumbsup:

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I got a New (2009) Verso auto when it came out.

Perfectly happy with it. Comfortable, roomy middle row, very easy to drive if a bit bland, reversing visibilty restricted after my old S70, nice big mirrors.

Gearbox good and smooth as long as power on/off is gentle and surprisingly nippy once you're used to it. (MMT boxes were on old Versos.)

Interior a little spartan but practical in that surfaces wipe clean with a damp cloth.

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