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Corolla No Spark

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First , I'd just like to say hi to everybody! I been a "lurker" for months but now i got a problem i could use some help with.

I have a 1993 Corolla , 5-speed 1.6 Base model, (no frills).

Yesterday, me and the wife were heading to the store.

Stopped at a stop sign, and when i drove off ,as i was shifting to 2'nd gear, the car quit running.

The car will crank like normal but never fire up....I took two of the plugs out and found that there in no spark.

Before I start spending money (that i don't have) on distributor and coil, etc...

Is there anything else I should be checking first before i head to the parts store??

I know basic maintenance and can swap out just about any part i need too but I AM NO MECHANIC!!! LOL

Any help would be appreciated..thanks in advance!

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i'm not taking the ***** but it might just be a case of needing 4 new spark plugs? good quality NGK or Bosch ones will be best methinks.

distributor and coil i think you can get out of a car at the scrap yard or reconditioned.

and we're assuming there is fuel coming to the engine, fuel pump may be kaput?

what is the mileage on the car now?

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id check the gap size on the plugs first and clean them, then if you have a multimeter check the resistance of the ht leads, then take off the dizzy cap, mark it before removing and check the contacts/points for corrosion removing any with a bit of emery cloth also while there check the rota arm for the same, check the resistance of the king lead to, you could also do a resistance check on the primary and secondary coils in the coil itself and also check all wiring and earth contacts for good connections, sorry i have know idea on what the figures are for your car but im sure a quick google search will help :thumbsup: does it stink of petrol when cranking?

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Hello matey have you checked to see if the EFI fuse has blown in the fuse box in the engine bay also while your in there you could check the opperation of the EFI relay which is in the same fusebox i've seen more of those go wrong than distributors and coils on that engine.

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