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Buzzing Noise When Accelerating Or Decelerating

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hi guys,

I bought a 2001 t sport last month and have noticed an unusual noise in a certain band in the rev range. When I take my foot off the gas and let the engine rpm decrease through 2500 to 2000rpm there is a buzzing noise, that sounds like its coming from the exhaust, but not sure. When I stay at constant speed in that rev range there is no sound, or maybe a buz for a split second wvery now and then. When I accelerate through the same range it makes the noise but for a smaler time and no where near as loud. It does not make this noise at any other time!

I only noticed the noise after owning it a few days, didn't hear it on test drive but maybe kept it in higher revs. Now i own it trying to convserve the juice for when I want to have some fun (like the recent glorious weekend!).

Does anyone have any thoughts? Should I get it checked out?

cheers for any help you can offer.

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It might & I say might, be the divider plate in the downpipe. These can fail (break loose of its welds) and then rattle around, as mine went. Without a video or seeing the car, I'm only guessing.

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i had exactly same problem with my 54 plate t sport after a major engine rebuild, took it back to a mechanic ( friend of the guy who did the original work) turned out to be a loose exhaust manifold heat shield, straightforward fix noise now completely gone replaced by the real sound of a sweet vvtli working properly!

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