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Phone Holder?


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Been meaning to ask this for a while, is there a phone holder for the Yaris? Something that will attach behind the steering wheel maybe, to hold a phone where the clocks would be on a normal car.

This would be ideal for a smartphone with satnav.


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Have you tried something like this?


My brother gave me one of a similar type with Inotec on it and it realy is very "sticky".

Until I had a play myself I was sceptical, but the one I have holds a phone or PDA on a vertical surface, let alone a sloping dash...

The other thing I've done on the Mk2 Yaris is simply prop my smartphone in the cup holder. I did think of making a mount that slots into the cup holder but never bothered....

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This is the thing I was talking about above. Just got a mail shot for one...


I can't vouch for the vendor as I've never used them but the product is exactly what I was given as a "sample" and it does work amazingly well.

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bought one of the sticky pads and it works surprisingly well. Only slight issue is that it works better, because of slight glare off the screen, if the phone is upright rather than horizontal. But then the phone cannot be on charge.

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