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Clunking Noise From Front Wheel On 07 Verso


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I bought a Verso (07) from a non Toyota dealer in November. (BIG MISTAKE) I had reserached different MPV's and decided a Toyota was for me. I love the car and am pleased with my choice, however, the dealer has been rubbish.

The car has been making a really loud clunking noise first thing in the morning, it honestly sounds like the wheel is going to fall off. Its only done 32000 miles, 5000 since I have had it. The noise is there every morning and easily lasts for around 4-5 miles of driving. It also makes a noise if the car has been parked for long periods of time.

The car has been back to the garage 3 times, the first time they told me I only had 2mm left on the brake pads. I complained about this as I had only owned the car 2 months by then. I returned the car a few weeks later due to the noise and they told me the brakes were fine and hardly used. They then told me it was something to do with the wheel grinding agiant something (can't remember specifics) Anyway, they apparently fixed this problem!

The thrid time I returned it, the took the wheel off, cleaned the brake pads, discs, callipers and each time the noise is still there ...mostly first thing in the morning.

Any advice would be great. I did return it to the garage again on Saturday as BOTH key fobs have stopped working! They replaced the Battery on one and then said they didn't know how to programme it in! I also said about the noise, only for the garage to accuse me of lyin, to tell me they had sorted the problem and that unless they heard it, they wouldn't be doing anything about it again! Very frustrating!!

I am now taking it to a Toyota dealership on Thursday for them to have a look at it. I will be taking it to them once the gurantee from the previous garage has run out! I do believe they should fix the problem as it has arisen withing the 6 month warranty.

Any adive would be great!



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There should be 1 clunk every time you start the car and move off, this is the ABS/traction control checking itself. If your car had very worn pads/discs then it may have been trying to recalibrate or re check the system until it had a valid reading.

If you are getting conflicting information from the supplying garage I would get a third party to check things over, either a Toyota garage or the AA/RAC who will do used car checks for non members (for a fee).

Once you have another opinion you can go back to the supplying garage with a time scale for full repairs after which time you will reject the vehicle. Bear in mind the more you use the car the more evidence the supplying garage has that the faults are not serious.

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