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Pictures Of Headunits

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Hey guys, I recently got a 1.4 Corolla T2 facelift. I think that adding a aftermarket headunit will really spoil the look on the interior maybe some pictures of yours will change my mind? I have thought about a connect2 add on thing but I might want to add a amp/comps/sub in the future (used to have a sub).

Also if anyone could recommend cheap mods for the car i would be grateful. :)


Heres a picture of my new baby :P


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A single DIN H/U look


A Double DIN H/U look


And just to boot, my boot install look


All the pics is what i've had in my car at one point, or still have :lol:

There are lots of other peeps with different installs, so just sit and wait to see whatelse pops up too, and see which one you like the look of



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Bing's setup is really clean, everything is behind oem panels (as far as I know) and my own sound installation is the same. I have an Alpine single DIN unit. Colour match with clocks is perfect as is the colour match of the fascia kit with the dash, can't tell it's not factory install.

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very happy with my result, no looking back since.

fascia has a matte finish to match the rest.


that looks awesome, love the facia and the red white combo goes perfect. what HU is that?

Its DEH-3200UB, i use it mostly with my ipod good unit does what i need it to.

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fascia has a matte finish to match the rest.

Hi Hozer,

Yes your fascia adaptor looks a really good match, can I ask the make and model number of it as I might be after one soon.


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its one of THESE (i didnt buy it from this guy maybe you can find one cheaper but that's the model)

They say its black but when you see the color in person you can really see the difference it has like a bluish look so for the finish i just got a spray can of MATT Black paint gave it 2 or 3 coats and it was good to go. in direct sunlight you can spot a bit of a difference but from a side view looks similar to the dash.


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