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Avensis Gearbox Oil

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Hi, I have always changed my gearbox Oil at the recommended (?) interval of 40,000 miles. Last did this back in May using Triple QX75x/90 semi-synthetic Oil souced through CP4L. The job is simple, but messy. Before starting the job you need to locate the drain and filler plugs, both are 24mm. You will also need a container - a squeezy container of sorts to pump the new Oil into the box, as you cannot gravity feed with the containers you are given. I use an old plastic container with an extended plastic tube, but you may be be able to get an Oil pump of sorts.

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I did partial changes to both cars even that is quite time consuming using a large syringe I would pop the top part out of the syringe than put a funnel into the syringe and fill up the syringe, than I would take the funnel out, and put back the syringe top part and gently squeeze. Very simple using millers semi synthetic Oil which was both gl4 ang gl5.

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Hi David,

My 2.2 D4D is almost 15 years old. I've owned it for 12 of those years.

As soon I bought the car, I experienced the same problem as you have. It was a Toyota dealership bought car. 

What I've always done when first driving when the gearbox cold, is when changing from first to second gear is the move the gear nob to neutral and move the gear nob

From right to left just like you do when making sure your in neutral and then go into second gear. Essentially, your just allowing time for the RPM to drop sufficiently to engage second gear without  that "metal crunch" to occur.

Like you I treat my gearbox gently.

Using this method to change from first to second gear has always worked for me.

Have never changed the gearbox Oil, just treat the gearbox gently.

Hope this helps.




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after clutch  i recently put engine Oil in my box for 100 miles to flush it it worked like silk with engine Oil but not to tempt fate replaced it with a gl4 75/80 .

many gm and ford manual boxes run on atf it gets round all bearings and components and light / less power drag from transmission.

if it can take the pressure on bearings and gears from autoboxes over 500nm easy and manual transits lugging over 3500kgs day in day out its well over rated for a normal car.

just need to make sure all trans seals are good

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