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Sqealing Brakes/brake Judder


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Ive had my avensis for awhile since 2000 its an Avensis 1.8 SE and its a great var apart from the sqealing brakes, it doesnt happen all the time but especially when the brakes are under load and its very annoying but I could cope with it.

However we went onto Euro tunnel the other day and when the breaks sqealed as we breaked down the ramp they wouldnt let us on because they suspected the brakes were faulty? Cost was £200 wasted.

The garage says they are fine (Toyota in Maidstone) but Ive also noticed brake "judder" when I brake down a hill quite quickly? The Toyota garage is not very helpful and they seem to want me to go away but this just doesnt seem right to me has any one had a similar problem and do you know what might be causing this?


Mark B

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as a taxi driver iv had this prob on a few avensis iv ownd, only thing that can cure it is change the pads for after market ones.... they will still squeel for a few miles but should be fine after that

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Mine also squeal but I think it's coming from the drums. Toyota took them apart more than once and have sorted it for a couple of weeks but I have left them now and accepted that it's yet another irritance of the Avensis - I must say that I am suprised how poor overall the old shape Avensis is for a Toyota, it's the 4th Toyota we have had (my first personally) and the other 3 were fabulous but the Avensis is rather poor not just for random faults, but build is very shabby, electrics can be dodgy, ergonomic faults - although the bits that were originally designed in Japan cannot be faulted - the old pre VVT-i engines and gearboxes are superb.

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The shaking you feeling going down hills braking is worped rotors. The big round shinny thing the brakes grab onto.

If you feel for it, you will feel it stopping at lights and what not also. Just softer, so there is a problem there, even if the pads are good.

When the rotors are changed the pads should also be changed.

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