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Morning all,

I've defected from Land Rover and bought a very shiny 08 Land Cruiser INVINCIBLE; the most expensive and luxurious vehicle I have ever owned.

My lovely wife is pregnant, apparently babies require new cars that bear no signs of use ...

Anyhow, I'm completely green when it comes to all things Toyota and any vehicle that requires the involvement of a computer when you go under the bonnet.

What do I need to know about Toyota and Land Cruisers?

I already have some specific questions:

1. Should the spare wheel chain be dangling from underneath the rear end?

2. Why does the radio have a tape deck?

3. Is it worth buying a genuine Toyota dog guard and boot liner/tray?



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Welcome to TOC :thumbsup:

Like mistermena I know nothing about landcruisers other than a saying I heard from Australia....

If you want to go out in the bush, get a Land Rover.

If you want to come back, get a Land Cruiser!

Spare wheel chain? I assume the spare is there?

Radio/tape deck.... My 05 Avensis had both a cd and a tape deck... Maybe it's what the original owner specified?

toyota dog guard and boot tray... The boot tray would fit exactly, dog guard would also but so probably would one from Halfords...

Good luck with the baby btw, although I've heard the phrasw new house new baby, I've never heard "new baby, new car"!!


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Welcome safarijack

Why do any new cars not have tape decks - unless they have an Aux input, that is.

All my previous Toyotas had a tape deck (and sometimes a CD too) and I wish my new one did, because at least you can use it to connect your MP3 via a £5 adapter if you don't have an Aux input.

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