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Headlamp Bulb Replacement


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Headlamp bulbs on the facelift car aren't too bad to replace.

You first have to take the under-bonnet plastics out (easy job), just push the centre of all the plastic poppers down a little and lift them out. One or two might break as the get brittle with age ... nothing to worry about.

Then you can access the rear of the headlight clusters.

Might be a bit fiddly but once you get the hang of them they're easy.

I got a full set of replacement bulbs from Regal Auto bulbs, they have a handy find my bulb feature http://www.regalautobulbs.co.uk/carbulbfinder.php

Mind the front foglamps need you to remove the bumper to replace the bulbs, a job I'm doing today as both my fogs' are cracked. :'(

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