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Aygo Voted Most Satisfying City Car To Own Yet Again!


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That right! For what must be the 4th time running, the Aygo has been voted the most satisfying car to own in the JD power survey published in Whatcar this month. :toast:


It's an even sweeter victory because it beat the Fiat 500, whose owners have the rose tinted spectacles on and on avarage pay around 12.5k for one new. I know because I was very close to buying one instead of an Aygo, but an incompetent dealer put a stop to that...and thank god. :blushing:

For those who own the Aygo's french cousins the news is not so good. Having said that it mainly down to the dealers and the service.

As to those who considered the new Ford KA or like me loved the old one back in the day, you will be sad to not perhaps unsuprisingly that it's rubbish! No really.....it is! Judging by this it's no wonder i do not see that many on the road.

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I dont get why the C1 and 107 are so low down. Just shows the survey is not to be taken seriously. I owned the C1 and it was no different from the Toyota!!!!!

The survey is on customer satisfaction, which includes satisfaction with the dealer for warranty and service work.

I've heard that peugeot and citroen dealers are not all that, no personal experience mind you, I've had cars from Mr T for over 25


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I personally found the Citroen dealer better than the Toyota one in Colchester. The dury is still out on the Toyota dealer as they have some good and bad points.

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I have both an Aygo and Peugeot 107 and there is nothing between them. Even the dealers are both as useless as each other so I find the customer satisfaction survey's to be inaccurate. For instance, I owned a 2007 Mini Cooper for only 12 months before I sold it back to BMW because it was a pile of junk!! Yet Mini's are meant to be really good cars, likewise I had a Citroen C2 for 2 years and that was wonderful.


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