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Best And Safest Way To Tune My St185Rc To 300Hp+?


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hi people needing some info on my celica gt4 st185rc stage 1 modifications are complete.Dont know what power its pushing out at the min as its sat in garage having a stage2 ct26 turbo put on..here is the modifications so far..

steel head gasket upgrade 1mm thick tripple layer,head skimmed pressure tested new bolts seals e.t.c

upgraded clutch stage1

hks turbo timer

hks filter new

3inch decat,3inch front pipe,3inch middle to back no mandrel bends with a 5 inch jap can. custom made.

greddy type s(ditched the blitz bov as it ran sht)

7mm copper leads,dizzy cap,rotor arm,all brand new

ngk Iridium grade 7 plugs new

fuel filter,oil filter,using 10w 60 valvoline along with turbo

all belts new

toyota for life red coolant

greddy profec B.no vaccum lines plugged to turbo yet.

stage 2 hybrid turbo has the 7 stud pattern off the ct20b wrc bigger impeller and exaust wheel bored out to a single ported wastegate with a 360 thrust bearing.rated 380hp

fuel cut on the st185rc are same as the st205 at 17 psi has a agressivly tuned ecu and the chargecooler sytem comes standard 235hp..im wanting to push the power over the 300 mark safest and best way my next step was purchasing a blitz sard or a mines ecu are they any good in experience?? dont want to spend big money on a aftermarket ecu like motec as i dont want major hp.any info would be helpfull thanks..

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You have all the mods there for 300+bhp in my honest opinion. The 185 RC has essentially got the 205 engine hasnt it?

Dial in 1.1bar on the boost controller and see how you get on with a dyno :)

1.2 bar is standard piston melting territory so i would advise not going to anything more than 1.15bar. This should give you room to avoid 1.2bar if you get a spike on a cold day.

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not exactly but shares some characteristics is quiet similar..has the similar charge cooler water spray and the e151 gearbox and maybe a few other things.i think the main diffence between my st185 and st205 is the cams wich have higher lift,none tvis,ct20b turbo and the factory antilag e.t.c but are relatively the same..

engine has very low mileage 58k.hopefully im waiting to get my celica back this week will run 1 bar low and 1.1 high and see how it gos..i want the car at its full potential before the dyno just waiting to fit the 3 inch front pipe wen its home.do they tune the car at the dyno for fuelling e.t.c or is it just for a dyno session??

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If you have a piggyback fuel computer or an aftermarket ECU they can tune it but it costs the tuners hourly rate. A straight dyno session is a lot less money.

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With the exhaust system you've got there's a chance you'll experience boost creep.

The standard ecu can't be mapped, as it's been said a piggy back or plug and play such as a 'Link' aren't in the budget of motecs but can do the job.

Another difference between the rc and 205 is the rc still runs an AFM.

Where's it going for it's dyno session?

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yup your right it does run a air flow meter..my celica still sat in garage been there 2 weeks after replacing my turbo with the ct26 hybrid it cuts out at idle exactly 14 secs every time after start up.i dont have a clue what the problem is was fine before and dont really want my car back till this problems sorted any ideas??

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my town blackburn lanc i-motorist they charge by the hour and have done my steel gasket previously..il be paying a visit tomorrow to see whats going on was suppose to have it back today i just hope it gets sorted and aint another problem

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