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T Sport Performance Mods

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forgot to add c-one rear engine mount. oopsy. lol

well if you check threads on 9thgencorolla.com, like Magus's project, hes running around 200whp on standard internals.


it can be done,new inlet manifold like the DD performance research manifold.


they do pretty nice dress up kits too. lol. all for the 2zz and 1zz.

And for you 2zz vs k20 guys, heres a link originally from a lotus forum as thats a huge discussion for them.


but just bear in mind that the 2zz wasnt designed to compete with the k20 at all.

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As every one states to you it's big bucks to get bhp out of the 2zz. If you want to get to lift quicker for cheapish mods then do a lighter flywheel.

Ab exhaust will free a little bhp up as the stock backbox is huuuuuuge and very restrictive other than that the standard syst isn't to bad.... But the sound is epic.

Just to make you aware the comment mr-p stated about the camcon changing the lift point is incorrect. The only way to change lift is via an Apexi PFC which will cost you over £1k to buy, setup & tune.

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