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1999 7Afe Fuel Consumption


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What is your fuel consumtpion like on your 7afe avensis?

Mine is really bad at the moment, 28ish mpg on average and seems low on power. lambda, coils and plugs have been changed with known good ones so not sure what it is.

I always though they were good on fuel like 35mpg local and 40-42 motorway.

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Mine is in the mid 30s - 35 mpg in town and well over 40+ at motorway speeds. I don't drive for economy either.

My car is on it's second set of spark plug and leads, plus I had replaced the leanburn sensor 3 years ago. The plugs and sensor are Denso original equipment.

Do the regular things like tyre pressures, oil and filter changes, not forgeting the air filter.

I use the aircon on and off all year round. The econ lite works.

If I am stuck at lights or in stationary traffic for a long period, I switch of the engine. (Make sure the ignition switch is okay - I replaced mine 2 years ago).

The main way i drive is be in the approriate gear for the speed and conditions. I sometimes carry a full size folding bike (26" wheels) in the boot, plus a socket set, other tools and Battery power pump.

Final point is I use Shell standard petrol.


I have given you a picture of my 1998 7AFE and covered evrything you need to know for comparison.

You could try and pull the EFI fuse to reset the ECU to relearn the settings.

Your economy is poor compared to mine.

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