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2005 Toyota Corolla T-Sport [E12]


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Hello everyone,

With great sadness it is time to move on from the T-Sport Corolla and sell her off.

Registration: GY55 LVD

Engine: 1.8 Litre VVTL-i [2ZZ-GE]

Chassis Type: E12

Miles: 68500

This car has been on and around Toyota Owners Club for a good few years now even before we purchased her, she has been very well loved and has served us brilliantly throughout our time with it.

She has been modified and tweaked a little, here are the specs:

*ROTA Slipstream Wheels - They are very lightly curbed but can be touched up quite easily

*Falken Tyres - These are high performance tyres and really grip the road brilliantly, close to new.

*Savage Back Box - Just this Back Box has been fitted to the Exhaust system, it was fitted professionally at R-Tec in St. Albans

*Tein Coilovers - Height Adjustable

*MOMO Front Seat Belt Pads

*Richbrook Black Gearknob

*Bee-Sting Ariel

*Tinted Rear Quarter Windows and Rear Window - These are 100% LEGAL tints and we have never had any trouble with them

*Likwidart Badges on Rear Quarter Windows

*Likwidart VVTL-i Badges Underneath Side-Repeaters and in Engine Bay

*Likwidart Tax Disc Holder

*Black Intake Manifold

*K&N Typhoon Intake System - This has caused one issue where the MAF Sensor wires snapped. This is a very common issue, and it is now sorted for good.

*Carbon Fibre Wrapped Bonnet

*EBC Redstuff Pads Front and Back - These were very very recently fitted and stop her very well.

*Callipers all painted black

*CCUK Sticker on One Skirt - We are Club Members but this can easily be peeled off.

*Black Wheel Nuts

I think that is about it, she has been fettled and tweaked here and there but nothing crazy.

The bonnet was wrapped in Carbon due to the numerous stone chips that she had accumulated over time, however this can be peeled off to reveal the standard paint. We were very finicky about her hence why it was wrapped. She has a few dinks and scrapes because this car gets used regularly, however as I have mentioned it has been looked after very carefully.

Before you buy she will have had an expensive respray of the Offside to get rid off all the dinks and scrapes etc. She will also have a full service with fully synthetic racing oils in both the engine and gearbox, and a set of new Blitz Racing Plugs.

The aforementioned issues with the MAF sensor have been solved by myself personally. The MAF wires had snapped causing the car to go into "Limp Mode". I spent hours carefully extending the wires myself and waterproofing everything. Since the repair she has worked better than ever, however if you would like to inspect the work feel free!

That really is it for the specs and faults etc. I am very honest about the issues with this car, mainly because there really aren't that many. I'm happy for you to come down and take a much closer look.

She is a fantastically fun car, every time I get in her it puts a huge smile on my face, we own a Skyline R32 and AE92 GTi which are both great fun and the CTS has never felt like a step down. With all her mods she is a brilliant every day driver or Sunday blast around. The bright red paint gets a lot of attention and this really is the perfect car for anyone looking to get noticed or to simply have a great time driving.

Here are the pictures:















Please contact me here or call me on 07590 816 189 I am available throughout most of the day and night, but if I don't answer then send me a text. We are not offering a PX on this, I have no problems with people coming down for a viewing or inspecting carefully, we want this to go to a good home.

£5400 - Price Negotiable



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I don't personally carry the details for the Tax, MOT and the Service history is rather sparce from what I know. However we have serviced it regularly and kept it purring as it should.

I will get further information on it soon.

Luke, we are selling the car as a whole, I seem to remember a few people saying they really liked it so I thought we'd keep her in one piece.

Ok I'll get some pictures up on there later mate ;)


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Yes I still have the car, she has literally just come out of the Body shop having had all the defects taken out. While having all that work done she has also had a big service, the whole thing cost about £600!

The wheels are next to go in and have the light kerbing smoothed and painted in the same Satin Black. They are not being sold separately, sorry!

She has Tax until April 2012 and MOT until the 13th of October 2011!

Seriously everyone this is one fine example of a CTS with all the basic mods you need for a heap of fun. She is now perfectly straight with no body defects, a service, loads of MOT and Tax and all for £5400! :thumbsup:




Feel free to ask any questions! :)


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overpriced and modded cars are worth far less than standard. return the car to stock and watch it sell! without history its maybe worth £4k on a good day. unfortunately the term resale red died along time ago as its not a desireable colour and is about the colour for a t sport. most prospective buyers will be wary of a lowered car with intake as it indicates the car has been thrashed.

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Anyone who does some research on this forum will know this is a well looked after car with sensible mods.

That doesn't mean it wouldn't benefit from a parts sale tho.

I know i'll strip my car before it goes on sale.

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Anyone who does some research on this forum will know this is a well looked after car with sensible mods.

That doesn't mean it wouldn't benignity from a parts sale tho.

I know i'll strip my car before it goes on sale.

Thanks Luke, you can tell when you've been jabbed at by a newbie... the 3 post count is one, the blinding ignorance another. :lol:

FYI, this car is not ragged or thrashed, she's a daily and drives beautifully, and just because she is lowered doesn't mean it has been treated badly. What it means is the car was modified and driven by someone who loves their driving and knows just how good that chassis is.

We don't have the space to split her for parts or the original parts, anyone who gives it a little drive will immediately know why.... :thumbsup:

She is still having little bits and pieces done on the body to get it looking crisp, we are having all the scuffs out and it should be 100% clean after the weekend. :D


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