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Android Tablet Install

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Hey Guys,

I've got a few ideas at the moment shooting around for a tablet pc install and would like feedback and suggestions on the best setup.


The best Double Din headunits on the market currently allow for dvd,tv,bluetooth,ipod and maybe a few others. This is lovely but I would much rather have 3G connectivity, email, MKV video player, internet etc. To me, it just seems that headunits aren't moving with the times and no longer offer a decent and complete package.

What Do?

With the recent flare in tablet activity since the iPad release, it is now extremely easy to find reasonably priced tablet PCs ranging from 7" through to around 10". These come with the Android operating system which allows increased customisation along with the install of numerous applications capable of handling all my audio and video needs (MKV playback)

I've got a few ideas for which tablets in particular below:

  • Dell Streak 7" (no 3g connectivity)
  • Archos 101 10" (no 3g or GPS)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" (no downsides, but £100 more)

The lack of 3G isn't necessarily a problem as i can have my iPhone running bluetooth internet tethering to the android platform to allow access to email/internet/3g


I currently have 4 options in my head as to how this would work.

Option 1


Using a dash mount bracket and some creative plastic molding onto a case for any of the above products, i can easily dock a unit onto my dashboard, it might interfere with my Tsport air con buttons slightly, but i can easily modify the bracket to swivel for access should needs be

Option 2


I purchase a new fascia unit, relocate all buttons into both compartments below and then cut away at the fascia unit to allow for a clean install of a tablet. This might prove trickier than the others but would offer an oem+ look that impresses. Moulding wouldnt look right as standard due to the white carbon fibre look, so the whole unit would be refabricated in faux leather (identical to the dashboard)

Option 3


Take a single din fascia, see all that room above it? fiberglass and mould it into a dock for the tablet to comfortably fit. People did similar things on 206info back when i had the 206 when they fitted TV screens into their dash, same sort of process here.

Option 4

Micro PC running in the glovebox linked through to a double din touchscreen headunit. Only problem here is how id get the touchscreen to interact with the microPC, component cabling wouldn't allow that, would it? I need to research this one more. EDIT> bit more research suggests that this indeed would not work unless headunit has VGA which the sony XAV-72BT i'm eyeing does not.

I'm leaning toward option 1 or 4 due to the sheer simplicity of it, but I'm still very undecided on whether this is even a good idea, any feedback, suggestions, or experience any of you have had would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey, I'm new to this site today.

I really need some help to find a touch screen dvd,cd,sat nav, tv player for my corolla t sport 2002 reg please.

I've seen a load of decent ones on ebay but it says it only fits corolla 2007 upwards. Looking to spend around £250 as I've seen them going for abit less. Please someone reply. Thanks

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