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Info Wanted On 94-99 St Buying And Repairs


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not sure of the policy on posting links up here but, this is where i started and a copy of my first post, the link should save me answering a lot of questions,


please let me know id il re-write if need be

hi im thinking of maybe buying a 1.8st as not much higher group than my current car (would love a faster one but yet to look into insurance for a 2.0 but looks unlikely)

im interested in the coupe 94-99 bodyshape as allways liked it (not sure what gen you guys call it)

looking around for honest information on faults and repair guides Ect like what can be done at home by a capable mechanic without specialist tools, can timeing belts be changed / and water pumps or head gaskets be re-fitted and so-on or will that require the expencive tools to re time before starting a engine with new belts , and common faults that may acure. things that may get worn out more than a other car?

do ecu's fail immobilizers? sensors?

can they take the high mileage if so is fsh a must or maybe just receipts??

at what milage should belts and pumps be changed? or to they tend to last what damage can be done if a belt snaps?

will it bend valves or can i get away with replacing the belts as with some cars?

are electrics good? reliable? can emmitions? cats? lambda play up?

service infirmation prices for if they cannot be done at home,

(not that im looking to buy one needing any work! just if i do and the unexpected did happen id just like a idea what to expect and therefore try avoid it

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this engine is a known oil user - id avoid it and go with the more robust 3sge 2 litre engine.

as for timing belt changes , its pretty straight forward to be honest .

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