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Beams Celica - Control Arms - Help!


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Just wondering if anyone on here can help me, I own a 1998 2ltr Beams Celica, strut suspension, but am finding it difficult to find control arms in ROI any way reasonable.... The car has been parked up for over 6 months now and I have to go about gettin it back on the road, Is there anywhere in the UK that these can be got cheaper than here as I have been quoted about €1000.oo each here???????????

Any help would be much appreciated!!!

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Im from NZ. I replaced all my control arms, they are annoying as they will make a loud knocking over bumps.

They cost $500 each for the fronts and $400 each for the rear (banana arms) plus about $70 each installation.

The $500 front ones (3 joints on one arm) convert to 265 british pounds

I had to replace the most expensive one ($500)again today as it had a small hole in the rubber boot which made the middle joint rust (from gravel roads) I have bought this direct from our local Toyota dealer for $235 NZ (124 pounds)

You will be able to do the same and for 2 lower control arms including fitting pay 323 British Pounds

If they dont have them in stock they should be able to get them in 24hrs

Your mechanic will put on at least a 100% mark up on these parts

You need to buy direct from your Toyota dealer

If they quote you a much higher price than 124 pounds each, complain..

And say they are really expensive and you need to replace a lot of parts

They should do you a deal

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