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Been A While.....

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As title, my last posting was ages ago when i still had this Supra

thats been broken due to terminal rust, i replaced it with another Supra, a 1990 turbo auto in white, then all of a sudden along came this beauty


Its a 1989 JDM import, 3.0i GT limited and a factory manual too, very rare, one of only two in the country. its been fully restored having virtually a nut and bolt rebuild, front and rear subframes shot blasted back to bare metal then painted, suspension rebuilt, engine rebuilt but with ARP fixing on the crank main bearing caps and big ends too, HKS "stopper" 2mm metal head gasket and ARP stud nut, Cometic metal exhaust manifold gasket, turbo technics stage two turbo, Titan down pipe and HKS high power zorst, mk4 Supra semi solid engine mounts, Aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator, AEM wideband contorller and air fuel ratio gauge and lots lots more, been dnyod at 360hp but now is running higher boost, just got to drop in some 550 cc injectors that i have altready and it will be an easy 400hp.




Just recently its had new 25% uprated TEMS compatible shocks fitted, new rear discs grooved and drilled to match the fronts, and some plastic wheel arch liners from the front of another supra made to fit the rear for a little more protection from the elements.

I have also aquired another Supra, a 1990 uk auto turbo in White


Its very clean for a UK car with no rust at the rear at all, got all the suporting mods for a safe 300hp too.

oh and also a 1991 Celica GT4 track car



Its also extremely highly modded for track day use, list of mods is endless, its around 250hp but not been dynod yet.

Ive been quite busy lol

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Nice collection, always had a softspot for the MkIII, wouldn't mind one myself :thumbsup:

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