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Gen 7 Wheel Bearing, Re-Greasing


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Hi Is this possible on the Gen 7.

My rear bearings are sounding loud, like a rumble, rather than a squeal. so am wondering is re-greasing an option without removal of the whole hub ?

Have seen some sites say you can, other say its a sealed unit.

Thanks in advance

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sealed unit , warm the area gently with a gas blow torch may help by melting some of the grease inside so it moves to a possible worn area . watch out for plastics etc though .

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I dont think you're going to be able to do anything without removing the hub. Wheel bearings arent a lot of money for these, so on that basis you'll need to remove it to do anything you may as well change the bearing then at least when its done properly and you should never have to worry about fiddling with it ever again :)

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