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'off With The Head'

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Bugger it, I'm going to try it myself. I have an 03 2 ltr diesel and its been diagnosed with head gasket gone (with a slight chance that the head is cracked) Until head is off, I wont know for certain but am told they can be repaired.

Has anyone got any workshop data for removing the head ? I have seen Anchormans (change cam belt) details that should take me about half way to doing the job.


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For the price of 3 euro's you can have an hours unlimited download of all the technical docs from Toyota's website.

You will need your model number etc

If I have a problem I download all the docs I need for the job and then fill up the time downloading other useful data.

The files/pdf download names are useless so you will need to go back and rename all the files and sort them into directories.

Hope this helps


The Toyota-Tech website contains a vast amount of information. For convenience this is broken down into related information groups. These are described below:


A description of the features, construction and function of components and technologies contained within a vehicle. Also contained is a description of how to accurately identify a vehicle by its VIN (Vehicle Identity Number or chassis number) and model code. Correct identification of a vehicle is essential for correct ordering of some service or maintenance components.


A complete reference for diagnostic codes, inspection and repair procedures for engine, transmission, transaxle, Instruments, fuel systems, cooling, suspension, brakes and safety systems such as SRS airbag and seat belts. There may also be separate publications (supplements) to support additional features or technologies introduced after the original manual was printed.


Schematic layout of the vehicle wire diagram and components

Wire harness repair manuals

Connector replacement and effective repair of wire harness.


Dimensional drawings and repair procedures for reconstruction of damaged vehicles. .

Body Conversion Guide

Guidance information for coachbuilders, constructors and manufacturers of commercial vehicle bodywork.


A quick reference guide to capacities and basic maintenance information


A complete reference library containing all published manuals including supplements for a specific vehicle. For example, NCF RM EWD BRM SDS.


Installation procedures for accessories.

Homologation Documents (HODO)

These are the legal conformity documents necessary to support official accessories fitted to vehicles before sale. In some cases they may be required to support the vehicle certificate of conformity if you are importing or exporting a vehicle.


Additional service or repair information that may not be contained in the repair manual or supplementing information in the repair manual. See also campaign and recall bulletins

Maintenance Schedules

This provides the Toyota/Lexus pan-European service and maintenance requirements that determine what items need attention or replacement at specific time or distance intervals. (Please note: These are generic maintenance schedules for Europe, local operational conditions may create variations to these schedules due to harsh weather or driving conditions.) For more specific information on service schedules applicable in your country, please contact the official Toyota importer. Links to Toyota and Lexus national websites are included within the general information section of this website

Parts catalogue

Here you can find the part numbers for genuine Toyota parts. Please note that these part numbers are provided for reference purposes only. We cannot supply replacement parts via this website.

Flat rate Manuals (FRM)

These manuals indicate the specific time allowances to complete repair operations. Times are primarily created and used for judgement of warranty repair cost calculation. Whilst indicative, these times should not be used as an indication of repair time or cost in a retail repair. The conditions under which the repair is conducted will almost certainly be different to the warranty repair condition.

Special service tools (SST)

SST’s are the specific Toyota service tools required to perform many repairs. Differing from general, commonly available hand tools, these tools are designed and are applicable only to Toyota vehicles and may need specialist knowledge or training. These tools are available for order via the official Toyota Authorised repairer network.

IT2 Diagnostic Tool

The IT2 diagnostic tool helps to speed up many diagnostic operations. Like SST’s it is available to order from the official Toyota Authorised repairer network. Regular new vehicle updates to the operational software for this tool are available on an annual subscription basis via this website.

Environmental Information

Useful environmental information for all aspects of Toyota ownership. From simple driving tips to improve fuel consumption to dismantling manuals for end of life disposal.

Emergency data

This information is primarily intended for emergency service (Fire and Police) for safe handling of potentially dangerous items (airbags and high voltage hybrid components) in the event of a vehicle being involved in a substantial collision.

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Thought i would let you know how I got on. Cylinder head is back on and car seems to be running well. I took the head off with the Turbo still on. The gasket had blown between cylinders 3 and 4 but the head and block where OK. The fuel injectors rubber seals where a mess and quite tricky to get out.

With the head set you get 4 new bottom 'crushable' metal seals that are supposed to crush seal the injectors as you tighten the clamp, but however I tried I couldn't get the old ones out, so I had to leave the them in (fingers crossed) it seems OK.

I found the cam belt quite easy, and as Anchorman says its quite obvious if its one tooth out.


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