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02 Celica Standard Side Skirts?


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Hi folks,

Just put a deposit down on a beautiful 02 Celica from a Main Toyota dealer with a full Toyota service history, 75k on the clock. I'm picking it up on Saturday and cant wait!

A quick question regarding side skirts. I noticed a few Celicas while browsing featured body colored side skirts. Mine seem to be the standard black. Forgive my stupidly but is this black part the sil or a side skirt? I haven't got the car yet for closer inspection and was too blown away and checking more important things when I went to see it

I was hoping to replace these for body colored side skirts and was wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction.


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The type you want are called "Dynamic" Skirts. It's very easy to remove the OE Skirts and replace with the Dynamic type as they largely clip in place. They'll also fit all models of Gen 7 from 99-06.

Enjoy your new purchase (but check the oil level weekly!!) :thumbsup:

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Check our cars being broken or buy some TRD ones. Best place to try is the Celica club forum, as there's always cars being broken on there. Do a google search for it, as the link won't work on here if I post it.

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