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Corolla T Sport

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hello guys

i have got a 2004 t sport and its done 107k miles

i have had to reaplce my front 2 wheel bearings which is fine due tot he mielage but ive also had to replace the passenger "flange" (not being rude haha)

any ideas how much a flange will set me back????

cheer guys


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Wtf is a passenger flange ? Is it between the suspenion legs lool

Good one :lol:

Didn't leave your missus in the passenger seat did you?

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I can't help with the cost sorry - but I'm interested to know why you need to change the hub? Were there any specific symptoms? I only ask because I'm familiar with worn wheel bearing symptoms but have no idea what happens when a hub needs changing!


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If the hub needs changing it could be because the bearing has seized and was spinning in the hub, so the new bearing will not be a tight fit when it is fitted.

Last winter toyota quoted me around £150 for one (if my memory is correct!)

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