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Lexus Taillights Corolla E11


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Hello E11 drivers!

There is a chance for Lexus taillights for the Corolla E11 Hatchback. The German tuning company Anacconda-Tuning might produce such lights in the near future. The price should be approximately 200EUR and they will be "E" marked.

However the company requires a minimum quantity of 1000 prospective buyers to start with the production. So if you would like to have such taillights on your E11 please post your interest into this thread. These days I´m collecting the number of prospective buyers from all over Europe and will then pass the results to Anacconda Tuning.

This is an early Photoshop picture to get a first impression on how the finished taillights might look:


If you have any questions or suggestions please post them here. :yes:


Sniper (www.toyota-forum.de)

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How many people have you got so far who want this style of lights??

I dont like that style of lights and would want them no where near my rolla but if you just need names down to show that there are people out there who may be intrested then add my name down to give you a hand :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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hello, i'm new in this forum.

I've been searching for lexus style lights to my e11 rolla.

and in finland we don't have anything, u know. :P

but count me in for this. I will spread the word here in finland,

sorry about the typing mistakes. lol.

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  • 3 years later...

hey lads,

eh i have a set of clear lexus lights for de e11, when i bought the car your man gave me them with it, der in great condition no marks or anything, i dont use them because i prefer the masked ones already on it. lettin them go for 100 euro.

not sure bout the whole packaging and shipping tho ive never sold anything online before. ha.

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