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Thought i would update since i havn't in a while well i put my typhoon induction kit in, done a roof wrap myself (with my mate) and made a boot install for show days so heres the pics hopefully things will happen soon just need all the ideas to come together ;) DSCF1734.jpgDSCF1733.jpgDSCF1735.jpgDSCF1732.jpgDSCF1731.jpgDSCF1712.jpgIMG_0223.jpg29042011312.jpg29042011309.jpg

comments welcome good and bad :D

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Was it quite easy to apply?

I've got loads of stone chips on the roof, so this looks like a good option to cover them up

the first time was a bit tricky but im not sure whether it was down to the crap stuff or not but the second time was easy enough took me an hour to do! best with 2 peep 1 pulls it tight while the other smoothes out the bubbles but put the 3m applicator just above the windsheild :thumbsup: doesnt lift up with the wind lol

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looks good but the rear Speakers wont work properly at a loudish volume due to the anount of air the vibe sub pushes around the boot...

you'd get better results from a really good set of components up front and the sub in the boot mate...

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