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2002 2.0L D-4D T Spirit


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Good evening folks.

We've owned the car from new. Serviced regularly and just sailed through the latest mot.

Originally my wifes car, latterly used by our daughter.

About 130K miles on the clock. Car is v tidy for near 9yo.

I drove it the other day and it feels like the (original) clutch is getting toward the end of its life.

Still works well with no juddering/noise and gears can be selected cleanly.

No apparent problem except the clutch engages somewhat near the top of pedal travel, last couple of inches.

Does this car have a DMF ?


Is it neccessary/advisable to change the flywheel (if dmf) if a new clutch is fitted?

My apologies if this has been asked/answered before, I can't find a relevant thread.

I imagine the cost of clutch kit/dmf/labour etc. would probably not be worthwhile.

Many thanks,


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Hello mate i dont think that model has a DMF,if it has and it's faulty you should be able to feel a viabration through the body Shell almost like a missfire that's the normal characteristics. Normally you only replace the flywheel if it has excessive movement in it. You can adjust the clutch master cylinder push rod to alter the clutch bite point if the clutch is not slipping.

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Yes it has a dual mass flywheel and yes you should change both the dmf and clutch together. 130k is a good amount of mileage to get out of the dmf and clutch depending on how the car has been driven. DO NOT buy a single mass flywheel conversion no matter how much someone tries to sell you one. and do not buy the adl blueprint clutch kit (from personal experience). it'll cost the most but the best combo is LUK dual mass flywheel with LUK clutchkit, it'll be like the car is from factory again

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