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Jae 2011 Can't Wait For 2012


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Well having just returned from JAE (my first visit to this event) I can quite happily say I will be back next year, the buzz about the place was amazing and the cars there had me sounding like Andy out of little britain (I want that one!!!!)

We had a great turnout on the stand with 20 cars and around 30 people camping, pretty much all Toyotas barring a few cars, the atmosphere was great throughout the weekend and the weather was pretty good too, the wind was strong this morning so it was a bit tricky putting the tents and gazebo away. I would like to thank those that supported us to make this possible and hope that we can do it again next year, maybe a few more people will join us for 2012 and we can make this a regular and succesful event for anyone into their cars.

It was really nice to meet some of the members from here and the other forums that I am active on and would suggest that if you haven't been to JAE before then you need to tag along or sort out something for yourself for 2012, again I would like to thank those that gave their support to make this the success it was (you know who you are :thumbsup: ) and look forward to doing it again in 2012.

Once I get round to it I will put up some pics

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Awesome JAE! Havent had this good a time since the last one at Billing in 2004! Man that was a long time ago!

Big thanks to Stu for arranging everything :thumbsup:

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Another great JAE, thanks to Stu, the guys who brought the marquee and genny and everyone else who made the whole thing possible, shame we had to fragment this year but I will go under any banner just to get there.

See if we can top 4 Comps next time.

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Yup definitey a great JAE!

Thanks Stu for sorting the pitch.... I agree with other that it was one of the best!

I got home and decided to fit my lift kit.... was working on the truck until 3 am!

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Stu.... if a TOC stand is a 'no go' how about a T.O.S.S.E.R.S. one instead :huh:


T.O.S.S.E.R.S. = Toyota Old School Supporters Everyday Ride Syndicate :thumbsup: ;)

TBH Steve, I don't care what name we use, I just want to have a good time like this year, the name doesn't matter IMO.

It would be nice to to have a big gang of us for next year who are all into our cars and are up for some light hearted fun

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