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Does My Avensis 2009 Tr Have An Alarm.


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When I bought my Avensis a month ago one of the features it was meant to have was an alarm. However, according to the specs it was supposed to have cruise control as well (which it doesn't) so I'm wondering if it doesn't have an alarm either.

There's a security light on the middle console when the keys are out of the ignition, but my old Micra had one of them too, and that just had an immobiliser.

Wondering if it had one, I locked the car and then shook it hoping to hear some evidence of what the alarm sounds like, and to potentially get used to the sound in case it just goes off one day. Nothing happened.

So, the main question is this. Does this model have an alarm fitted by default (it has GPS and dusk sensors so it isn't the basic model) and if it does, what does it take to set it off?

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I have a 2009 T4 and that has an alarm.... it is a crap one but it is there :huh:

For such a car you would think it would have a siren but no all it does is sound the horns.... I suggest that in this day and age this is not really acceptable.

As for what sets it off.... in the time I have had it mine has only gone off 3 times, once when we had a bad hail storm, once when there was a bad thunder storm and the third time it just sounded off because it got lonely :lol:

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One way to test if it has an alarm, is to open both front windows, remove the key and lock the car.

Then through the open window, put your arm inside and waive ...

If it has an alarm, it will go off.

If it doesn't, open the bonnet.

If it has an alarm, it will go off.

Now if the alarm still doesn't sound, it has none, only the immobilizer.

Btw, my next door neighbour is the local VW & Audi dealer.

He drives a different new (demo) car twice a week and most of these new cars set off their alarms for no reason at irregular intervals. :(

One reason for me NOT to buy a VW or Audi.

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