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Mr2 Roadster Handling


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I'm considering buying an MR2 Roadster in the next few months. There are the upto to 2002 models and the facelift from 2003.

Are the facelift models any better handling wise?

The MR2 Roadster have a good reputation handling wise in the dry, but reviews I have seen based on the earlier roadster says they can be a bit twitchy in the wet, are the facelift models any better in this respect?

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No.. they can still be twitchy in the wet.. it comes from being mid engined and rear wheel drive, but thats where the fun is, it's so easy to drive them if you know your limits.

The 2003+ models came with bigger and wider rear wheels and some extra bracing to make the car handle slightly better than the older model, but there is still plenty of room for improovement and plenty of aftermarket options to choose from, everything from anti-roll bars to chassis braces. The most important aspect of the handling is the tyres, keep all four corners the same make and model (tread pattern) and maintain the staggered set up with wider tyres on the rear, failure to do this will seriously impare the handling charasteristics of thye car..

Ss far as improoving the handling goes, the same changes can be made to both pre facelift models and post facelift models, so don't let that be a factor in chooseing a car.

The biggest and, argueably,most important change to the post facelift car was the change in the piston ring design, the newer designed engine is less likely to suffer from oval bore syndrome.. or more commonly refered to as pre-cat failure (which is in actual fact a symptom of oval bores), so if you can get a good facelift car all the better.

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Thanks for the reply Davy, did reply a while back but it couldn't have posted.

Are the facelift models also 6 speed boxes? If so what is 6th like. A cruising gear so to speak, or just a 6th in a close ratio box?

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