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Will I Have Full Functionality Of My Mobile?


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Hi All....

been thinking about replacing my iPhone with a HTC Desire HD..... only problem is that I recently read there are some issues with bluetooth funcionality...

Has anyone here got a HTC HD phone and has managed to pair it up with their bluetooth system and managed to control music and make phone calls over the built in bluetooth system?

Not sure what stereo system I've got but its almost the same as the one in the prius, it has the HDD and NAV built in - the iPhone worked a treat and would like another phone which works just as well as the iPhone did...

Please advise



PS Oh... I've got a 09 Avensis tourer with NAV/HDD

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When I had my Prius with the same Nav unit, my HTC desire worked fine with it for bluetooth streaming. I ran it with several different ROM's as well as the phone was routed. My wife had a Motorola running android and it streamed music without any issues as well.

I think you should be pretty safe. Desire HD is knocking on a bit now though, why not something like a Galaxy S2?

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cheers mate;)

i quite like the screen sizemon the htc hd and to be honest all the Samsung phones ive had in the past have been pants - i found you almost had to fo to UNI to get to grips with the menu layout, and there was no flexibility in adding your own tones. that pretty much put me off Samsung phones for life....

the reason i ask about compatability of the htc hd is becausw in the toyota europe site there is no mention of the desire hd in the compatability list...

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Must have been a while back with the Samsung phones then :-) The SGS2 is Android as is the Desire and Desire HD. Back on topic, you should not have any problems with the Desire HD because it's the same OS (Android 2.2 Froyo) and the same hardware save for the larger screen. It should be a fairly safe bet imho.

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