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Metal Or Regular Gasket?


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now i found a mechanic thats gonna do a head gasket swap for $500 which i think is not bad, i plan on getting ARP head studs/bolts and have the engine torqued around 70 lb ft <or w/e its called>. But i was wondering is it better to get metal head gaskets which is $$, or regular gasket which is like 40 dollars. I plan on having the car for a long time and i want something thats gonna last with me and my fast driving. i also plan on making my supra at least go up to the 300+ hp range in the future, but thats about it. i jus dont want any BHG in the future plus im on a low budget... what u guys think? metal or jus a plain o' gasket? or even better what is the best affordable gasket that can meet my needs? thanks

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Also, when it comes to change um, you dont have to spen hours cleaning all the c***p of the deck and head sufaces... this in itself is worth the money to me lol

Plus you could get an oversized one.. increase the thickness, and you decrease the compression... not by much granted around, but lowerd mine from 13.20:1 to 11.5:1. Might meen u can have a bit more boost if you go for one a lot thicker........ food for thought.

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The metal will way outlive the gaskets. Even if they get a little oily they don't rot like cork type gaskets do.

Consider it a good investment.

A cork headgasket?? wtf?? :D

If your only planning on around 300bhp then stick with the stock HG and torque to 65-70 llbs/ft

If you go with a MHG then you will need the block pulled and skimmed along with the head, and torque to 85-90 llbs/ft

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