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Evening Campers... Bro Has Bout A Hybrid


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So then... I aint new to the forum but am new to the Prius. Bro was looking for something like a VW passat etc as a taxi but then a fellow cabbie mentioned the Prius and that a few are now being used as taxis due to the local mpg. this was on Fri night.

Found one for him within an hour of looking on Sat morning and it turned out it was miles away in Brighton but as we have family there i got a cousin to go and check it out for us.

Report back was the car is very nice condition etc and drove perfect so went down yesterday from Bradford taking 4 hours... spent only 1 hour there to do the deal on the car and then drove 4 hours back. Man im shattered this morning!

So drove it about a bit yesterday myself and was supprised to find i was very impressed with it. :)

Car details:

late 2007 model on a 57 plate

Silver T3 Auto CVT

40k on the clock with FSH (although is due a service now)

1 previous company car owner

12 months mot

Exterior the car is mint bar a couple of minor things that you cant see unless you are close and looking for it.

Was up for 7,400 and got him down to 7,100 as it is needing a service and i think thats a very good price going by what i have seen on the market.

So a couple of questions.

Batteries... i hear they need to be replaced every 100k and the chap i bought the car from said they can be had for 500 pounds. Is this true?

Secondly, with regards to the service what exectly is involved? Same as a normal car?

Cheers in advanced.


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Hi there and welcome to the Prius!

Did you get it from a dealer?

40k isnt bad for a 57 plate

As it's going to be used as a cab, look for Grumpy Cabbie on here, he has used his for 2 years as a cab I believe and very successfully too!

No idea about the batteries as I only kept my gen2 for 2 years, and my gen 3 will be swapped for either another or the Lexus ct200 when it's 3 years old, but.... Vancouver and Toronto both have a massive fleet of Prius and other Toyota hybrids, some have done over 240k kilometers!

Most, if not all on here will tell you the same, the Prius MUST be serviced by a Toyota dealer, there have been numerous horror stories of non-franchised dealers doing services or people doing it themselves and !Removed! up bigtime!

Enjoy the car and have fun :thumbsup:

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Cheers for the reply. :)

nahh got it from a private seller. first 2 stamps are from Toyota and the last one is from a specialist. Will be sure to make my brother take it to Toyota.

With these cars that have done 240k+, did they have their batteries replaced?

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Just found out on another forum from a chap who owns a taxi rank that they have 10 in their fleet and some have reached 250k before the batteries have totally died. :)

Said in reality they are as economical as a decent TDi but they are great on wear and tear and road tax and utter rliability. :)

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The Battery being referred to will be the 12 volt as they have about a 4 or 5 year lifespan, they cost around £100 or less & it's only used to fire up the computer & pump some fluid on start up, the main power Battery has an 8 year 100,000 mile Toyota warranty but the Battery will go double that & more

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