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Will These Fit 2004 Corolla Front Door?


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I've heard these are great Speakers and the price is right, but I'm unsure wether they'll fit or not. Anybody know? Thanks! They're the CDT Audio 61A.


These Speakers are identical to the CL-61 except for the slightly off shade red basket color.  CDT Audio is so particular that it rejected these for normal release and we were able to buy a truckload of them to bring to you at an amazing price.

6.5" 2-Way 

Midrange: 6.5"

Crossover: "Phase Perfect" 

60dB 2-Way SatNat-456

Tweeter: 3/4" silk soft dome 

Power Handling: 90 watt RMS

Frequency Response: 60-20kHz

Sensitivity: 92.0 dB

Impedance: 4Ohm

Surface & Flush mount tweeter

Also, just in case anybody has a suggestion, how much power should I run to these? I was looking at a US Accoustics amp that produces 85 watts x 4 at 4 OHMS, or 240 Watts x 2 at 4 Ohms. I assume 240 would be too much, would 85 be enough? Thanks for helping a noob!

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