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Aygo Sport Suspension


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Hi guys,

Just a quick question about the Aygo.

As a Yaris T Sport driver myself, I know the standard stiffened suspension can be pretty firm at times - my girlfriend is now looking to buy a late 05 Aygo Sport, but I read in just one review that the suspension is very hard.

Is that true? Or was the reviewer exaggerating?

She's driven a Honda Jazz for 3 years so if its anywhere near that I'm sure she'll be happy.

Finally, the Sport she's looking at is Nov 05 with 9700 miles on clock (NOT a typo) - they're asking £3500 with 12 month MOT. Good deal?? It looks very clean outside but have only seen photos right now - viewing tomorrow.


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Ummm... standard suspension hard?!?!

The chassis frequency of the standard suspension is equivalent to a 4*4 so a big fat NO on that one... the ex Jazz driver is talking nonsense!

Yes its a 'Sport' model but nothing more than a few cheap trick bits like maybe carpets and alloys plus a shiny Badge saying sport!

Hope that helps!

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Hey thanks for replying.

No no my girlfriend drove a jazz, it was a reviewer for the guardian newspaper that said it was a rough ride, of you google Aygo review its one of the top results.

Ah ok, I thought it had stiffer suspension. No problem then.

Do you think the car sounds like a good deal?

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