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Corolla Tsport Disable Alarm


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Anyone know how to turn off the alarm on the TSport? 5 or 6 times a day this little bugger is going off and neigthbours are, i imagine, getting a little annoyed by now. I suspect the problem is down to my window seal on the passenger side which is a bit nackered, theres actually a gap in the top corner where there is no seal at all, due to a breakage in the past of the rubber i imagine, could be something entirely different but is there any way to disable the alarm? I could always disconnect the Battery but thats a hassle also.

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I don't think you can easily disable the alarm on a permanent basis - however you can disconnect some of the sensors which might help your problem. For example, the interior movement sensor situated behind the interior light can be left unplugged (on facelift models, not sure about pre facelift) which can prevent the 'false alarms' while leaving the other sensors running. Because of the type of sensor used in the T Sport lots of things set it off (nearby microwaves, wireless phone headsets etc). The other sensor that often plays up is the bonnet sensor, although if the alarm is going off as much as your is then it's unlikely to be the bonnet sensor - this can be taped down to prevent it triggering the alarm.


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