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Piggy Back For 3Sge Beams

Master Ash

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Thanx for an awesome forum. Im new here but not new to the Toyota brand.

I recently did a 3sge celica beams transplant into my AE101. Used the Std JDM ecu and now i have a problem as the car now has the speed limiter at 180km/hr.

I would like to fit a uni-q plus chip/piggyback to remove it and tune the car. My question is does the uni-q have a function to remove the limiter and has anyone used a uni-q before with good results.

Reason im asking is my 4age20v ecu could not be chipped. If we connected the chip the ecu would override it again after a few runs. Will the Beams ecu do the same?

Hope you guys can help me here.

Thanks in Advance

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Hummm thats strange. You shouldnt have any flat spots with the original toyota ecu.... They are usually very good with their self-learning and safe mapping.

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