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Auris Heater Faults

grant w

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Hi has anyone experienced the climate control when set to heat your feet, not ajusting to blowing air on your feet it just blows warm air out on your body instead through the dash vents. Cant see much under the dash. guessing its all motorized rather than the old cable ajusters.

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Can't say that I have...

If you suspect problems first make sure you haven't got it switched to "dual" mode and that it is in auto.

From there I would then manually go through all the airflow options, vent, feet etc and make sure the air is directed to where it should be. Depending on ambient temperature and engine temperature the airflow from the dash vents can be cold or warm, it depends on the conditions. There is also a sensor on the dash top at the base of windscreen to detect heat from the sun and switch to cool or warm air from the dash vents as appropriate.

If you really do seem to have a problem I would (as for any possible electronic issue)reset the system by disconnecting the Battery negative lead for 30 minutes, then reconnect and try all again.

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