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Parking Sensors Query


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SWMBO has noticed that her parking sensors don't work when the heated rear window is turned on :wacko:

Did the 4.2xt5 come with Parking sensors as standard or are these likely to be a retro fit system?

I think they're a retro fit system as they don't function properly when raining (usually get a constant beep)

Many Thanks


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Sounds like it could be a corroding GND somewhere in the back of the car.

When the parking sensors are working and not working, one test you can do is put your ear to the sensor (IGN on, engine off) and listen - they will with be clicking if working. Even though they are clicking they may be a little short on power to make the rest of the system function so this may or may not be a conclusive test.

The next thing is to try and diagnose the power issue; and this means going around with your multimeter and checking the PDC supply voltages with heated screen on and off. Also a visual inspection - clean and tighten up - of the GNDs for screen and PDC.

You can also switch off the car and test the resistance between PDC and heated screen GND to a good clean GND point.

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You won't be able to hear it clicking unless you are just an inch from the sensor.

You may well be looking at bad GND or perhaps frayed wires. Check the wiring as it travels through the rear door rubber hose and any other place where it might move and get frayed.

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