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Aygo Indicator Switch?


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Hi all,

Has anyone ever replaced a faulty indicator switch on an Aygo?

I've a 55 plate Aygo, and recently the right turn indicator has been playing up.

I'm wondering if it's an easy part to source and fit myself, or if I need to take it to a garage.

I'd be grateful for any comments / advice.

Many thanks,


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hi, I had a similar problem if it is the indicator keep flashing at different speeds and only now and again, I found on mine it was the right front that was causing the problem, I was going to change the bulb but realized when it was doing it the bulb was working intermittently, I turned the bulb holder in the casing slightly which cured it and has had not been any-more problem.must have been a bad connection.

just a suggestion worth a try.



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Did you ever fix this, Mark? I've just been looking at the same fault on an elderly neighbour's Aygo. Seems to be a fault within the switch itself - if you take the shrouds off and push/prod/squeeze the switch assembly, it works till you let go.

Is it an easy item to change? Steering wheel off? Airbag?? Is it integral with the wiper switch, or do they split?


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Hi all,

A very delayed response but I had a similar problem on my '59 plate Aygo Blue. When I turned on the right indicator it would not turn on, or would only flash once and would never 'click' into the indicating motion. I would regularly have to hold it up whilst indicating, it was a nightmare! However when indicating left, it was fine. The bulbs were all fine as well, and would flash in time, as long as I was holding the stalk up.

Anyway, I took it to Toyota, who took it for tests and they immediately came back and said they had 'condemned the stalk' itself. They ordered me a new one and fitted it under warranty. It's been perfect ever since. However, considering the speed with which they condemned it, and the apparent awareness they had when I explained the issue, I would suggest it's a common issue with Aygo's unfortunately!

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