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Ae92 Gti Stolen


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Hi everyone,

My dads 1991 GTi was stolen last night by some scum.

Registration H972 DFR if you see anything by your way then contact either us or none-emergency police - PM me here for contacting us.

She has no signs of break-in, didn't make a sound, and now she is just gone.

I am not kidding you, if I were to find the people who did this, there would be no such mercy as death...I know it's unlikely but if anyone sees it then please get into contact.

I'm going to get someone to check on mine too, and hopefully Sam will turn up in a hot spot.





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:censor: hell - hope it turns up, it looks like such a nice example too.

Hope the police get the finger out and ge working to find the car and the wastes of good oxygen that took it.

One small good thing is that many traffic cop cars have ANPR now so if the car passes one the ANPR should activate (as its been reported stolen) - making it more likely to be found (hopefully.

Hopefully it will be found in one piece

Red diesel

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Thank you everyone, it's excellent to have such a wonderful response from you all! :thumbsup:

I will keep you up to date, and thank you for spreading the word.

Rash... mate I can't believe she's gone man, that picture was excellent and really captured the scene these cars are in. She is a stunning example and it's painful to think what these thieving buggers are doing to a car that has been so cared for :(


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Sorry to hear that. If there was no sign of break-in, like broken glass, etc., I would suspect that somebody made a copy of the key. It could have been done when it was last serviced. Was it taken from his home?

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Yes she was taken from underneath his bedroom window! And that of a police officers! This made it a personal matter for them because the car got nicked outside the home of two officers! :lol:

Right, we have her back and the insurance has filed her as a total loss :(

Luckily, the damage isn't actually worth twitching about:

*Rear N/S Quarter damaged

*Rear Number Plate Light Cracked

*Dash Scuff Panels Ruined

*Suspension Member bent

I have ALL of the parts we need to fix her back up, so he will grab her back and not make a claim, then I'll fix her up.

Running certain online clubs pays its dividends I have to admit... ;)


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It was another means of theft, all keys were in the pot hidden away in the house, and the car was bought in Yorkshire so a copy key is highly unlikely. Not to mention the fact they're UK based thieves.

And we don't know where it got found yet, likely in the Fuller-Slade area - there were 7 home recovery trucks, 3 of which have been sighted stealing vehicles etc. They have been accounted for now though, but we all know these people don't change.


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