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Greddy Already Started...

Lancaster Rayleigh

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It would seem that the Tuner's have started already. All though it is the FR-S (USA Market) under Toyota's sister company Scion.


The GReddy team secretly developed a prototype Type-S coil-over suspension, big brake kit, and a Spectrum Elite SE exhaust system for the FR-S. The team also installed high performance 19" Volk Racing G12 wheels, Hankook V12 tires and a custom "F-Sport" inspired black and blue interior.

What's your thoughts guys?

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Looks quite sweet, but must admit I'd have gone for some lightweight 17" rims in this country. I guess they don't have a pothole problem in the states, lol ! Tyres would be a darn sight cheaper too, but I doubt that will concern many GT86 owners ..... :)

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its the lexus lights!

I think the rear and head lights are stock. I do like them nonetheless.

Here are a few more images of said car...




Here we have Toyota’s Factory Aero Kit and Large Rear Spoiler/Wing, this model shown is the “86” for the Japanese market.


Whether or not the Aero Kit and accessories are to be available in the UK as an option, it’s a sure thing to say that it will be available aftermarket from external suppliers.


Does this remind you of any other Toyota by any change? lol

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