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Previa Radio Not Working

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My uncles previa is a 2002 2.4 running on lpg, I think its a t3 it has got leather and climate control.

But the double din cd unit which is the standard one cut out suddenly today, it won't turn on at all now, but there is no book to look up the location of the fuse box, or what fuse it may be, i found 10 fuses beside the pedals but the multimeter bleeped on every one so they were ok.

Is there any other fuse boxes, or one specific to the radio. I would like actually to remove the radio just to get a multimeter in and test for 12v, but I'm not sure at how the panel around it comes off and i don't want to break any clips.

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i found a 15 amp fuse up by the glovebox to be the problem, changed it and the radio and cigarette lighter are working again, one of the children put a 1p in the socket and it must have shorted and blew the fuse.

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