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Ae-92 4Age Rebuild Help!


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Hi all,

I'm close to completing my restore of my 91 corolla GTI, it's the non-tvis red top engine.

Having put the engine back together it is running but hunting terribly. I have seen the vid by kparris on airlocks in the coolant but have bleed and tried to no avail.

I think mine might be down to a vacuum problem. Can anyone post a pic or describe where the vacuum pipes off the side of the inlet manifold go. I have one going to the sensor on air filter but one male i haven't connected to anything. I think it is supposed to go to the small charcoal filter behind the air filter but it has two small male plastic ends coming off it? Any pics of the pipes coming from that filter would be much appreciated. I have spent hours on the internet trying to find info and my local toyota garage are useless unless I was to put in there££££!!!!

Any help much appreciated

Thanks Andrew

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Hi mate,

Good work so far on getting her going, the hunting is usually a problem with coolant but if you have done everything then it's vacuum lines as you said.

I had a non-TVIS for a brief time and the pictures should help:





There are two hoses that connect into the 3-way adaptor on the front of the Intake Manifold. Both of the hoses on that adaptor go to the metal lines running on the Intake Manifold. One goes to the Sensor and the other goes to the VSV bolted to the bottom of the side of the Manifold. The Hose on top of the Throttle Body leads to the Idle Up VSV all of which can be seen in the photos:


Note the VSV I was talking about on the bottom of the Manifold:


Here are the Cold-Idle Circuit Coolant hoses, they are where the air locks occur


The white hoses on my TVIS engine should show up better:


Hope this helps mate.


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