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Boot Space Up Front?


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Still thinking of getting a MR2 Roadster/Spyder to replace the 2002 T-Sport Yaris I have had for a few months (Finding it hard to like the Yaris)

Anyway thinking of going for about a week to France in the Summer with the girlfriend.

I know the MR2 has neglible boot space, mainly a couple of cubby holes behing the seats, but how much can you squeeze under the front end?

a> Leaving the sparewheel in place?

b> If you leave out the spare a take a can of tyreweld ? as per Elise's VX220's


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I no longer have my MR2 but from what I remember, there is very little space for anything when the sparewheels in place, and if you did take it out and replace with tyreweld, there is then space for maybe a suitcase, but people have said on here before that it can affect the handling slightly on the front end? I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong lol! :D :$

I used to just used the cubby hole behind the seats and was enough for me, as these are large enough for a bit of luggage :)

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Hi Guy,

Having bought a 2005 roadster this year for my wife i can thoroughly recommend it as a fun car for touring as long as you can travel light, we did a week in France with the limited luggage space without any real hassles at all. The full width compartment behind the seats was enough for a holdall, a rucksack, a camera bag and jackets/coats plus a few small gifts on the way back.

Up front with the wheel in place there's not much room at all but enough for the legal stuff you need to carry in France such as the warning triangle, spare bulbs plus the jack a bottle of washer fluid and a few odds and ends (chamois leather, polishing cloth, a few tools and a pair of trainers if i remember right).

Once you are in the French mountain passes and enjoying the drive any downsides of not being able to carry you dinner jacket for when you hit Monte Carlo will long be forgotten! :thumbsup:

I hope this helps you decide in favour of this great little car.



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