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Front Fog Install Help Required

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Would appricate some help with an issue I have with my Corolla E12 2.0 D4D 2004.

I picked up a set of front fogs from a breakers and installed them in my car.

They installed fine however when I came to install the switch in the dash I could not find a connection that would fit.

Can anyone help me out here?

Am I missing something blatently obvious or is the car only half wired for front fogs?

I will upload photos shortly.

Thanks in advance.

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Ok here are the photos:

The car:


Back of the light switch:


The only free connection in that area:


I would really appreciate any help with this.

Thank you

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Well I did not have front fogs too and did them. The front half was pre-wired but under the dash I could not find anything. Looking at you 3rd photo you do not have the relay. If I am lucky I will find you the details of the relay needed. Using a volt meter, check the long black plug for sidelights supply. So that the switch illuminates with all other in the dash. You need to connect the signal terminals of the relay to the switch too and give positive and negative supply to the switch.

All in all you have the wire everything from the beginning but at the end everything comes factory look because the dash light in the cluster is connected with the relay. If I find the photos I took I will post them up as they will sure help you.


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