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..........why don't headlamp manufacturer's supply sticking plasters with their products?

I've just fitted a new set of xenon Ultima's to the 3-dr and my knuckles are bleeding like my late, lamented old uncle's stuck pig! The nearside is a doddle but the offside lamp has the ABS block right behind it with the washer bottle filler to one side and the wire to the bulb connector block is bl00dy short! I can only assume that Mr. T did a bit of value engineering on the wiring between '02 & '04 because recently fitting a pair of Nightbreakers to the '02 RAV didn't produce so much damaged flesh.

Anyway, if the reviews are anything to go by, the Ultimas should be worth the lost blood.

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It,s the same on the Urbancruiser,drivers side a piece of cake passenger side don,t ask!!!! With my small and delicate hands I cannot for the life in me get into the bulb socket.Those Japanese must have very ,very tiny hands. Ended up having to go to Main Dealers to get it done. Seems to be a universal problem.

Regards Clare

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I did replace the H4 bulbs on my Rav4.2 with the Philips Extreme a few years ago but don't recollect how hard or easy it was :unsure:

I replaced the Main Beam bulbs in the Rav4.3 a couple of days ago and it took about 5 mins to do the pair :thumbsup:

Now I will admit that is a pretty amazing thing to go so easy, compared to the way most lights are designed nowadays! I tried to replace the bulbs in the Suzuki Swift the other week and it took 3 goes to get the clip back on - I gave up after 20 mins and drove to the LR dealer we bought the car from - they tried for about 40 mins and gave up. next day, managed to get the clip back in after about 30 mins more cursing (and what is most annoying ... the Manual quoted the wrong bulb, so all that effort just to get the original bulb back where it started :censor: )

Next plan is to upgrade the bulbs on the dipped. Also ordered a couple of little LED sidelight bulbs which I *may* use as pseudo-DRLs and not sure how well they will change over - I think the sidelights on the Rav4.2 needed the wheelarch trims removed :eek: (insane! :rolleyes: )

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You can access the headlight on the drivers side by pulling the wheel arch liner back just where the bumper meets the wing. Early models didn't have ABS pump in the way!

Thanks for that, Don. Hopefully, I won't need to do it again, at least not on this brace of Toyotas.

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